Rogers and Tiger Direct stealing my money

Posted in Rants on October 14, 2010 by acannell

So, I’ve always been relatively frustrated with Customer Service (particularly on the phone), because they honestly seem like they don’t give a shit.

Recently however, this has reached a new limit. The companies that I have dealt with include Rogers as well as Tiger Direct. Now, let’s start with my ongoing battle with Rogers… this has been going on since about May. It began with me moving back home for the summer after school ended, I called Rogers to put my account on hold because I would re-activate it in September when I moved back. However, in some weird twisted way I got charged for cancelling my account. How much? Oh, no big deal, just $300. I called and got that sorted out (eventually), without too much of a struggle. However, for some reason, while my account was on hold, I still received a bill the following month. For what? For cancelling my account, plus interest since I had not paid it from my last bill. Again, on the phone with Rogers.

This happened one more time in August where I called them and pretty much lost it. The interest was growing, but eventually after speaking to a manager, was able to somewhat get it straightened away (or so I thought). I didn’t receive another bill until the end of September when I activated my account again. For one, they over-charged me for cable (which I cancelled… supposedly without a cancellation fee). Anyway, once again I was charged for cancelling my account. I called about it and was assured it would be removed, as well as the fee for cable and I would just be left with the $60 charge for internet. However, my online account shows an outstanding balance of $300… are you kidding me? I’m going to call them again today about that one… going to be fun.

Moving onto Tiger Direct. I ordered a computer from them in August, it was quickly shipped and I thought everything was great. However, roughly a week after receiving it, the screen showed a blue line across the screen. I concluded the screen was broken. So I called Tiger Direct and they told me that they would replace the computer because it was well within the confines of the warranty. Because school was going to be starting soon, they suggested they ship me a new computer right away, then when I received it, to ship back the broken one with a UPS Label that they sent me. They said that as a “deposit” they would have to charge me a second time for the computer, and then initiate my refund once they received the broken computer.

Sounded reasonable to me so I agreed and they shipped me the new computer fairly quickly. (They also did not hesitate in charging my credit card the second $550). I received up to 4 different UPS Labels from Tiger Direct, none of which were properly activated or something… bottom line is they didn’t work. Each time I called to ask for a new label, it took at least 24 hours for the label to get e-mailed to me. (Why it takes that long to send an e-mail, I have no idea…)

Now, from the time I received the second computer it was August 17th. I was FINALLY able to ship the computer on September 29th. That’s over a month right there (meanwhile it is accumulating interest on my credit card, because I do not have an extra $550 to throw around). I called October 4th to ask when to expect a refund. They said that they HAD received the computer and that the refund should be processed within a few days… Again, I called on October 11th to ask for an update on when I could expect MY REFUND! This time the customer service rep told me that my computer hadn’t been received until October 7th! Okay, so you can’t even get your story straight within your company. She told me that I would receive my refund between 3 – 5 business days from the date they receive it in the warehouse (ie. yesterday). Nope, still have not received a refund… still out $550.

It’s not the end of the story, but the end of this post: DO NOT deal with Rogers for their incompetence. DO NOT deal with Tiger Direct simply because you may have to go through the shit I’ve had to the past 3 months!


A return, and a possible change in “content”

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Okay, back in the “blogging” mood. It seems to happen every now and then when I return to University. I have more to talk about, and frankly a bigger urge to just procrastinate about everything. Also I think the academic environment really helps me think about more “important” (I use that word very loosely) issues. I simply mean topics that are beyond the party last Friday night, the bad date I went on, or that asshole who keeps talking behind my back… or some other self-obsessed rambling.

Now, for this “change in content” as I put it in the title. I’m not entirely sure what the results will be, but I’m starting to feel that I’ve been holding myself back from truly expressing myself. There’s a lot of opinions that I want to get out there, but I’m pretty sure I will be scorned for having them. (I’m not the most “politically correct”). I am polite, and I am conscious of what is politically correct… but to be honest, I’m tired of it. For example: Merry Christmas. I’m not even Christian, but fuck you – that’s the holiday that I celebrate.

I try and describe where I fit on the spectrum of beliefs. Politically I would definitely believe I lean more towards the left… I have a communist poster on my wall, V for Vendetta is one of my favourite (blockbuster) movies ever. Now, I’m not a rampant communist… I just hate capitalism. Moving on: I also see myself as a sort of “classicist” in my view of society. I love technology, I love it’s benefits, but I hate how it has shaped society… downplayed the importance of the intellectual. I’ve never read much steampunk literature, but I think if it were a reality I’d be in heaven. Victorian culture, moden technology. Now that’s my ideal society.

We’ll see what comes of this in the end, to be honest I really don’t know… I’ve been gone for so long, it’s not like anyone is reading this anymore anyway.

Die Twilight!

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Here’s a link to an article that bears the unfortunate news that the phenomenal writer Neil Gaiman (who was set to write a vampire novel) has decided against in due to the over-saturation of vampire “literature”… if you can call Twilight literature. *sigh* Hopefully he’ll revisit the idea once Twilight and tweeny vampires go away. Please, make them badass assassins of the night again. – another online addiction

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Hello, I’m Andrew and I’m an e-holic (I don’t really know what the technical term would be, I’m sure they’ve decided on one), but I think I’m addicted to the internet and all of its little pointless bells and whistles. Yes, I do use the internet for functional things like e-mail, school work, general research, but I also use it for a lot of social networking, random day-by-day things, as well as gaming.

Lately I’ve become increasingly interested in the social aspect of the internet, taking advantage of it beyond the conventional “facebook” user. I’ve registered on a number of forums, but this started when I was only 12 years old or so, I was also a community-based internet user, I enjoyed it. But beyond that, I joined “” a business-focused social networking site that seems to possess some actual importance to it and I think that my involvement on that site may actually help me in some manner in regards to finding a job once I’ve finished University.

However, that is not what I’m here to talk about in this post, I’m talking about “”. In many ways it is like twitter, but without the character length retrictions. It is like a combination of a blog and whatever the fuck you would call Twitter. Honestly I don’t really like Twitter, it’s an odd concept, I gave it a try, probably more than it deserved. But now I’m onto tumblr and I’m not even sure what its point is, but I am enjoying it. You can post whatever you want, and like the “re-tweet” feature on twitter you can “reblog” posts from other users if you want your followers (subscribers) to take a look at a blog post that you found and enjoyed that they might not have. It makes it really easy for one side of the community to flow seamlessly into the other.

I don’t know really, I’m tired, it’s late at night and I felt like making a post here to my sometimes neglected blog… if you want to see an example or just see what it’s all about, tumble over to my page at and if you’d like register and join in on the insanity. Follow me and I’ll follow you, I’m new and lack a “fanbase” haha

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“Flash, flash, car crash”

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It honestly happened so fast I can hardly recall most of it. I was driving on Trafalgar, a one-lane country “highway” from Georgetown to Waterloo, about an hour drive, to write my first of four exams this semester. I was no more than 15 minutes from my house, passing through an intersection when the front end of a car comes into my peripheral view. No time to react, just scream a choice word or two rapidly before the car collided into the driver-side door. The frame off the car crumbled, the air bags bursting forward striking me in the chest as the driver-side window exploded into a mass of tiny shards of glass, scattering about the car. The wind whirled through the car like a plane’s door being opened midflight. All unsecured objects thrashed about as I skidded through the intersection grazing the traffic light on my front end causing the front of the car to break apart, hanging on by the crushed and compacted debris. The now heap that once was my Corolla skidded to a stop just off the road in a farmers field and I came to a rest.

I remained motionless glancing at the remains of my car, what had just happened?

I was in a car crash… a woman had run a red light (was not trying to beat a changing light, she merely ran it… it had been green for me for quite some time) and slammed into the driver-side of my small 2000 Corolla. I could feel the glass shards through my hair, some small bits had cut into my skin, but I wasn’t bleeding, just small scratches. I felt my chest and ribs, moved my legs, I was fine. I glanced at my door, the mangled side of my car had been utterly destroyed, the door would not open, it had shifted the driver side chair into an 70 degree angle leaning towards the passenger side. “Are you alright? Do you need an ambulance?” a voice called from the side of the road. I glanced at him and shook my head, looking back and resting it on the steering wheel.

The police would eventually arrive and document the report, charging the woman and confiscating her license. “If she was going any faster you’d likely be dead, it’s a miracle you’re not injured at all” are the words I remember from the officer. My mother arrived before the police, speeding to the scene via a ride from her boss (I’m a university student, this car was my mom’s that I had borrowed for the day) Her eyes red with tears, the car was an inconvenience, I was the miracle.

* * *

This was my Thursday. I missed my exam, it was re-booked for next Friday, thankfully. However, I don’t think I’ve fully come to terms with what happened. I don’t fully realize that I was in a potentially fatal car crash…

Challenge Accepted – Challenge Complete

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The challenge? Posed indirectly by my English professor: “One week of regular effort is insufficient for a good term paper or for any other major assignment, let alone one day” Game on professor, game on.

The topic? The Canterbury Tales.
Subject? Discussion of the role of setting in The Knight’s Tale and The Clerk’s Tale.
Due Date? December 3rd, 2009
Start Time? December 2nd, 2009: Approx. 9:00pm
Time of completion? December 3rd, 2009: Approx. 2pm


These 17 hours included research, formation of an argument and approximately 1500 words of text to complete, oh and throw in 4 hours of sleep in there. Yea, that was glorious. Time to trek to the school and hand the beast in though.. then for some much deserved PS3 gaming.

Facebook, my new “drama” hub

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Well thank you facebook, I don’t know how but you were able to somehow act as the battleground for drama between 3 of my ex-girlfriends. Amazing. Now, normally that would not overly surprise me, none of them really like eachother, but it was what spawned it. It was in response to a “status update” I posted… no it was not aiming to open anything up, in fact I’m going to post the whole conflict, with the names replaced with numbers, you know… don’t want to risk anything else.

Andrew “who would have thought a song named “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” would have a chorus that consisted only of “I HATE YOU!” – I fucking love AFI…”

– innocent enough wouldn’t you say?

Ex. 3: “you’re online… yet you are not online”   *I do have her blocked on msn, we’ve been broken up for a while but she always starts fights with me
Ex. 1: “hmm! maybe you should take a hint then!”
Ex. 2: “lmfaooooooooooo
Ex. 3: lengthy rant personally attacking each of them for how our relationships ended… It gets out of hand and is painfully specific, not going to re-post that.

So… that’s exactly how I wanted to wake up on my Thursday morning. Good thing I’m not American or my Thanksgiving would have started with a huge piss-off.

Happy Turkey down neighbours to the south! I know how important this holiday is to all of you, so I hope you all get to spend it with your loved ones today.